TOTQ - Phillip

        Hi, my name is Phillip and this is my 55 gallon mixed reef tank.

    First I want to thank the members of Coastal Gerogia Reef Club for being so helpful to me while I slowly learn about keeping a successful reef tank. They have taught me and given me many corals and they have given me a lot of inspiration with their tanks. So onto the tank, I have a 55 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump. My tank is a mixed reef with some SPS (birdsnest, birds of paradise, caps), Lps (Frogspawn, Maze Brain, Candy Canes), and a lot of softies (zoas, palys, mushrooms, leathers). I've had the tank setup for 7 months and I've been into reefing for 2 years. I'm running a 4 bulb t5HO light system over my tank and I use ATI bulbs. For filtration I run a Reef Octopus 110 skimmer, BRS 200 micron filter sock held by a Vertex filter sock mount, 2 two little fishes Phosban 150 reactors with Rox 0.8 carbon and GFO, 1.1 ml per minute dosing pumps running Alkalinity and Calcium, and macro algae in a refugium. In the display tank, I have around 110 lbs of live rock and Carbisea Aragonite white sand.

    Now onto the tenants! It is zoa dominated with many types of rare zoas like Red Hornets, Pink zippers, tan morph of Armor of Gods, and Purple Hornets. Fish in my tank include Yellow tang, Black Ice Snowflake clown, Green Chromis, Pajama Cardinal, Six Line Wrasse, and Yellow Watchman Goby.

Thanks CGRC for voting my tank to be the Tank of the Quarter and for all the help in my reefing experience.

Congrats Phillip!