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Thread: Vodka dosing

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    Vodka dosing

    Has anyone tried it? I was reading on it from Melevsreef site for nitrate control. As of late I've seen my nitrates increase. I think due to some bad water I had gotten with a pretty high TDS. Ive changed 30 gallons of water a couple days ago with aquavitro salinity with 001 TDS rodi water. hope this will help bring them back down to safe levels. I'm also using red sea test kits as well.

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    There has been some members try it before, I never have messed with it. But the members i have seen vodka dose it didnt work for them . If you wanted to go this route I think there is safer ways out there an better for carbon dosin.
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    Yeah I need to figure a good option. I run rowaphos, I may get another reactor and try the rowacarbon. For now I'll just keep doing some water changes. I think using quality RODI should help too.

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    basicaly bio-pellets are the safest way to vodka dose
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    High TDS water is/was not the cause of your high nitrates...look to your feeding, water change schedule and other basic husbandry techniques. Carbon dosing can bring a whole new set of problems and I would make sure I had a very stable tank before embarking on any change in husbandry and then start very slowly for any method that rapidly exports nutrients such as carbon dosing (any technique), GFO, Zeo etc. barring chaeto which by it's nature is slow export.

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    I agree with Jim here you never want to fix a problem with something that can give you problems . I would work on trying to get to a fair range an then if still wanting to carbon dose, go that route. Reef octopus came out with some really nice reactors for bio pellots an they just came out with another version of them much smaller build with pump included in design.
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    Yeah I just don't know where my problem is coming from right now. I feed once every 3 days and stay up on my water changes. The newest things I have done to my system is add a few small pieces of base rock as well as the phosphate reactor. I have 7 fish total and a clean up crew. I guess ill just increase the amount of water I change every 2 weeks. Or do you guys think just changing smaller amounts once a week.

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    Been inactive for a while but could you tell me your total water volume and your nitrate, phosphate levels and what tests your using. Also what are you feeding and how much...specifically. How much and what type of GFO are you running and at what GPH, and do you have any algae problems (what type and where). Do you have a fuge. Any negative consequences to livestock before or after you noticed the elevated nitrate levels. What is the time frame of the rise to these levels. And lastly, what type of filtration (biologic and/or mechanical are you using

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    I have a 90 gallon tank with probably 10 gallons in the sump. Nitrates are at 20ppm using a red sea test kit. I donylt have anything to accurately test phosphates. I have not had any algae problems as of lately. I do use aquavitro fuel 1/3 dose once a week now as well. I use a EV-120 skimmer driven by a mag 7 pump. 250ml of rowaphos in a next reef mr1 reactor. Cant remember the gph of the pump for it but the media just "dances" with the flow. No refugium on this tank space is limited. Filtration along with skimmer is 100+ lbs of live rock encrusted well with coralline. I also do use filter socks 100 micron changed once every 3 days as well. Feeding I'm using the reef food Rgfast makes. Also I use a seaweed blend for my tangs. Like I said feeding is once every 3 days as well. Sometimes I do mix up and use small pellet food. I think that pretty much covers it. All 7 fish are happy and healthy from what I can see.

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    I also dose a 2 part in my tank. No other additives other thank a chemipure elite bag.

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