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Thread: Richard's 14 gallon BioCube

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    Richard's 14 gallon BioCube

    Well my large reef tank dreams have been put on the back burner until my living situation gets figured out. Looking around on Craigslist earlier in the week, I found a guy selling a BioCube. Interested, I call the guy and he explains that there is nothing wrong with the tank, just his little girl now has a horse and has no interest in the tank any longer. I go to check it out and he has a BEAUTIFUL 150 gallon reef in his living room and the BioCube is still set up in his daughter's bedroom. He explained that he took the two Ocellaris clowns out of the BioCube and added them to his reef when his daughter lost interest and that there was nothing living in the tank other than the rock and that the tank had been up and running for the last 8 months. I have seen these things sell for far more than he was asking and it was already cycled and ready to go. I bite on the deal, we break the tank down, put the live rock and water in two buckets and load it in the truck. He gave me a Red Sea brand bottle of calcium, a bottle of SeaChem Reef Buffer, and I headed on my way. Got the tank home :


    Initial setup :


    I stopped by Marci's on Tuesday and grabbed a 2lb chunk of coraline covered live rock, 6 red legged hermits, 3 snails, and 2 green Chromis :


    Found a feather duster I didn't know I had :


    ...and finally, I've asked Bryon, Marci, and my buddy Mark what this is :


    I think Bryon said he thinks its a Zoanthid or a nuisance coral. Marci said she thinks its either a Zoanthid or some form of a nuisance coral. Mark says he thinks its a nuisance coral and that I should pull the rock before it causes any problems. I don't believe its another feather duster as it has no tube that its coming out of. Any ideas?

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    glad to see you got a tank going, I'd pull that piece no use taking a chance.
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    Very exciting....good for you! The pics looks great and sound like you made out very well! Congrats!

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    Yeah man pull that before it spreads-congrats on the set up!
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    Congrats on the new setup! If you wer wonding what it is, Its a rock anemone. Just like aiptasia just has color in it. the spread like crazy fast. get rid of the rock
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    I'm beginning to have a little too much cyanobacteria on my sand for comfort. Anyway to knock it down a bit?

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    Are you using tap water or rodi?

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    RO/DI. I got the water from the guy I got the tank from.

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    Get some fresh rodi and do a water change, test your nitrates and phosphates as well. High nutrients in the water encourage cyano and other algae growth. By physically removing nutrients you should see it decrease. Just use quality water. Also since you don't have any coral you can leave your lights off for a few days that should help too.

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    Just curious...what color is the cyano? Is it possibly a diatom bloom?

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